Constant change a threat to visionary thinking

Changes in policy, values, and practice are transforming how learning and care‐giving institutions operate, and shaping their impact on students and patients. The stakes are extraordinarily high, and the challenges are immediate and unprecedented.

To navigate all this while sustaining day-to-day operations, our members and clients demonstrate awe-inspiring commitment, ingenuity, and grit. Their achievements range from discrete improvements to system‐wide transformations that make the communities they serve healthier and smarter.

But the urgency of this work leaves little time to reflect and extract lessons, or to peer into the future and anticipate the next challenge. 

It leaves little opportunity to identify the best practices that sustain progress and build upon it.


Our commitment to best practices

Our job, then, is to act as a catalyst at the intersection of hard-won experience and forward-looking ideas. We give leaders a forum to share challenges, breakthroughs, outcomes, and goals. As they do, we synthesize those insights and turn them into best practices: the strategies, operational guidance, and technologies that help institutions meet their missions even amid historic challenge and change.

The insights gained through this work must be used for the greatest common good. We and our members are united in our commitment to the universal use of best practices and the belief that today’s lessons will pave the way to tomorrow’s healthier, smarter communities.


How best practices turn insights into action

Our best practices are incredibly powerful for the organizations that use them—not just because of the insights behind them but because we can customize and hardwire best practices to solve an individual member’s greatest challenges.

What’s behind a best practice?

  • We forge and find best practices through our vast network of hundreds of thousands of peer executives across health care and education
  • We tackle intractable, evergreen problems challenging these sectors
  • We continuously sharpen strategies based on the transformational behaviors and successes of market leaders
  • We distill strategies into tactics and adapt them for individual organizations
  • We leverage data and analytics to establish benchmarks of excellence
  • We help organizations build momentum by designing and driving outcomes-based implementation programs
  • We conceive and develop research‐based performance technologies that embed best practices and accelerate impact

The power of best practices