Our EAB division serves 1,100+ college and university members worldwide. We forge and find best practices to address education’s top challenges with research forums dedicated to presidents, provosts, chief business officers, and many other key academic and administrative leaders. 

Through these forums, we provide peer-tested best practices research that answers education’s most pressing issues. Then, we hardwire those insights into member organizations with our technology and services.


Areas of expertise

  • Enrollment management

    EAB’s Royall & Company division provides data-driven undergraduate and graduate solutions that target qualified prospective students; build relationships throughout the search, application, and yield process; and optimize financial aid resources.

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  • Student success

    Members, including four- and two-year institutions, use the Student Success Collaborative™ combination of analytics, interaction and workflow technology, and consulting to support, retain, and graduate more students.

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  • Growth and academic operations

    Our Academic Performance Solutions group partners with university academic and business leaders to help make smart resource trade-offs, improve academic efficiency, and grow academic program revenues.

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EAB offerings


EAB conducts more than 10,000 research interviews annually. Our Research forums help members uncover proven, peer-tested ideas from colleges and universities around the world. Learn more.

Technology and services

EAB implements and hardwires best practices across educational institutions’ most critical functions: enrollment management, student success, and growth and academic operations. Learn more.


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